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Curated blend of all-natural ingredients :
19 vegetables & honey

Hwan beads contain no added ingredients or chemicals. Each sachet is a perfect, little blend of 19 dried vegetables, bonded together into beads with a dash of organic honey. In traditional, oriental medicine, maintaining a correct body temperature is vital for a healthy immune system and in producing new cells. In the hwan process, foods are selected and classified according to whether they help warm, or cool the body.


Maintaining body temperature for a healthy immune system

Adults and the elderly generally have lower body temperatures than infants and children, and running a fever is one of the first signs of illness or disease. In oriental medicine, maintaining the proper temperature is seen as vital for a healthy immune system and the body creating new cells. Foods are thus classified as to whether they help warm or cool the body. DOLBODA Hwan Beads contain 19 'hot and cold' ingredients in one, ideal blend.

A natural antioxidant and pre-biotics

The nutrients in DOLBODA Hwan Beads act as an ideal pre-biotics; a food for the natural microorganisms which live inside of us, helping them to keep our digestive systems active and balanced. The 19 vegetables in DOLBODA Hwan Beads also contain a multitude of antioxidants, promoting overall health and well-being.

Bibim bap

Beauty comes from
the “inside”

The phrase “Beauty comes from within” isn’t just referring to an empty cliché. Skin has always reflected the general inner health of individuals. As the largest organ in the human body, the epidermis requires substantial amounts of nutrients. DOLBODA carefully composes the right balance of natural vegetables for powerful anti-oxidant synergies that boost up your health, and as a result, your skin.

The hwan bead creation process

DOLBODA Hwan Beads are made from fresh and organic vegetables, hand-sourced from local farms in Korea that meet our strict principles of quality, transparency, and safety.


We select the freshest vegetables from Korea's best, organic farms. These fresh vegetables are washed and chopped.


The chopped vegetables are slowly dehydrated at a low temperature. We do not freeze dry, in order to maintain all nutrients and beneficial properties.


After dehydration, the vegetables are grounded into a fine powder.


A dash of high-quality, organic honey is added to this powder to create an all-natural, vegetable puree.


This puree is then molded into tiny, spherical beads and individually packed into DOLBODA sachets.

Low-temperature drying, not freeze-drying, ensures that important vegetable nutrients are not lost in the hwan bead creation process.

Try DOLBODA Hwan Beads for you and your family.