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Curated blends of fresh vegetables from Korea, DOLBODA Hwan Beads


100% Natural Ingredients

No added chemicals - Just pure, nutrient-rich vegetable blends

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DOLBODA Hwan Beads

Why we modernized Korean traditional medicine?

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Effortless way to add healthy diet to your routine


An All-Natural Health Boost

19 fresh vegetables condensed into one, easy-to-use sachet

No added chemicals - Just pure, nutrient-rich vegetable blends

Fresh ingredients and Korean health know-how

Only 1 in 10

The nutrients provided by vegetables are vital for our physical and mental well-being, yet ONLY 1 IN 10 AMERICAN adults consume the recommended amount of vegetables each day. Our busy, modern lifestyles can make it hard to ensure our bodies are getting the nutrients they need. But what if there was a simple and natural solution? 

Hwan Beads : Korea's secret to good health

In Korea, tiny, spherical beads called "hwan" made from dried vegetables have been used as vital nutritional supplements for over 400 years. We have harnessed the nourishing properties of traditional hwan beads in our modern, easy-to-use vegetable blends.

  • Good Source of Fiber

    Dolboda hwan beads are 16% fiber, for optimal digestive health

  • Natural Antioxidant

    19 vegetable ingredients have been specially selected for their antioxidant, cleansing properties

Why hwan vegetable beads?

'Hwan', used in Korean Traditional Medicine, are made with medicinal herbs processed to maximize synergy and minimize nutrient loss. With this process in mind and the belief that a balanced consumption of vegetables is the cornerstone of health, DOLBODA carefully engineered a formula of 19 select fruits & vegetables into its own hwan beads.

'Hwan' is the final product of a traditional Korean processing method that focuses on the complete synthesis with full retention of nutritional values of each vegetable.


DOLBODA Hwan Beads are an economical way to help reach your daily nutritional goals – 19 different farm-grown ingredients + natural honey condensed into one single sachet!


DOLBODA Hwan Beads make maintaining a healthy diet easy; no more grocery shopping nor cooking multiple dishes to consume all your vegetable needs.


DOLBODA sachets are light and handy - perfect for always-on-the-move modern people.

Add DOLBODA Hwan Beads to your daily routine.