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About DOLBODA and
Korean hwan beads

‘DOLBODA(돌보다)’ means ‘to take care of’ in Korean. At DOLBODA, we believe in harnessing the natural essence of oriental medicine in order to benefit your wellness beyond modern-day health trends.

Korean traditional herbs processed in the form of 'hwan' have been used medicinally to treat sickness and injury for thousands of years, as this method of processing is known to incur minimal losses of nutritional/medicinal properties of ingredients. Taking hints from our ancestor’s wisdom and experience, DOLBODA Hwan Beads capture this all-natural approach to well-being in one, easy-to-use daily sachet.


Korea's all-natural well-being

South Korea has one of the lowest obesity rates and highest life expectancy rates in the developed world, and one of the factors contributing to this statistical result is that the majority of the Korean diet is composed of vegetables. On top of that, hwan vegetable beads have been popularly used amongst South Koreans as natural dietary supplements even today. DOLBODA believes in harnessing the power of natural hwan beads and channeling its health benefits towards the well-being of our customers worldwide.

Kang Manseok

Meet the manufacturer of hwan beads

Our DOLBODA Hwan Beads are manufactured by nutritional expert Mr. Manseok Kang, who hand-processes all of our products in his natural laboratory in the South Korean countryside. Mr. Kang dedicated his life to creating hwan beads after experiencing their powerful properties for himself.

Why are hwan beads the right
supplement for you?

DOLBODA believes that proper, natural, and holistic nutrition is the first step to maintaining optimal physical and mental health, not to mention that it is the key to skin health and a glowing appearance. Unlike the majority of Western-style dietary supplements, our hwan vegetable beads are entirely chemical and additive free.

One sachet of DOLBODA Hwan Beads per day can transform your overall sense of well-being and digestive health.

Add DOLBODA Hwan Beads to your diet today.