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What are hwan beads? Korea’s answer to a modern-day diet.

What are hwan beads? Korea’s answer to a modern-day diet.

What are hwan beads? Korea’s answer to a modern-day diet.



The word hwan means ‘sphere’ in Korean, and it refers to the tiny, smooth beads of nutritional ingredients used in Korean traditional medicine. There are many types of hwan beads in Korea: cabbage hwan beads, ginseng hwan beads, or - in our case - dried vegetable hwan beads that offer a variety of vital nutrients at once.



Why hwan beads?


Koreans, on the whole, enjoy healthy diets. Obesity rates in Korea are low, and the country’s average life expectancy is one of the highest in the world. For hundreds of years, hwan beads have been used by Koreans as a medical supplement, taken with their daily meals for the ultimate boost of concentrated, vegetable-based nutrients. 

At the core of traditional Korean medicine is the belief that a balanced diet is the most important step to maintaining vitality and overall health. This is why a daily portion of hwan beads is a common, personal habit, even for young Koreans today. DOLBODA’s organic, natural hwan beads are the perfect addition to a busy, modern-day lifestyle. We have adapted the traditional practice of medicinal hwan for the global, health-conscious consumer.  



How do we take hwan beads?



Just like other nutritional supplements, DOLBODA Hwan Beads are very easy to take; simply pop the contents of the sachet of hwan beads into your mouth, and wash down with a small glass of water. Alternatively, you may pour the portion of hwan beads into a small cup of water and drink immediately. Hwan beads are not designed to be dissolved before eating. The tiny, all-vegetable beads will be digested easily and quickly after you’ve taken them.



What are the benefits of hwan beads?


Hwan beads have many benefits. DOLBODA’s hwan beads contain a mix of 19 different vegetables, and our careful drying process retains all of their original nutritional value. One sachet of DOLBODA Hwan Beads is the ideal way to help ensure that your body is getting its daily dose of natural ingredients.

Hwan beads are high in fiber and thus act as an ideal prebiotic. The fiber in DOLBODA Hwan Beads will help your body’s natural organisms to thrive at just the right balance. A balanced digestive system is vital for a healthy immune system, and an important cornerstone of overall wellbeing and health.

Those with digestive problems or Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) can also find all-natural, high-fiber hwan beads helpful.



How are Hwan beads made?


Hwan beads are made by drying the freshest vegetables at a low temperature to avoid any loss of nutrients. The dried vegetables are then ground into a fine, pure powder, and mixed with a dash of organic honey. This all-natural puree is then formed into tiny, little spheres known as hwan beads. Finally, the beads are packaged into individual sachets, so that you can get your daily, nutrient boost anywhere, anytime!


DOLBODA Hwan Beads are entirely organic, and completely additive and chemical-free. Unlike other supplements on the market, our vegetable-essence powder is not encased in a petroleum capsule, nor is it mixed with a chemically-made binding agent. Every ingredient in DOLBODA Hwan Beads is from nature itself! They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and are gluten and nut free. 

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